The 500 Club

Join in and support Curtain Call’s Daringly Intelligent Musical Theatre! For only $130 a year, you can make the magic happen and receive exclusive perks like dining discounts and more!


Through this gift, Curtain Call is able to continue to provide top quality theatre at the lowest prices. Thank you for your continued support. To discuss giving opportunities, please call Jake Sanders at 772-971-6367.


We would like to thank those who have already joined us in membership!


Michael Harrison, Liz Falco, John Rozett (x2), Traci Davis, Jake Sanders, Marty Sanders, Sue-Ellen Sanders, Mike Jacquin, Pat Burgemeister (x2), Greg Taber, Barbara Allen, Mariano Garcia IV,  Bert Zimmerman, Susan Whittington, Mary Jane Foist, Paul Broome, Dr. James Autin, Don & Suzette Carter, Jean & Ross Weaver, Anonymous, Judy & Dick Quinn, Terri Ann Palumbo, Sandi Hellstrom.

Phone: 772-777-1596